Serving dinner every day, except Tuesday, and lunch on the weekends - and also home made Italian cakes / dolci and biscuits - there's sure to be something that you will enjoy. Compliment your choice with our wide selection of Italian, International and Australian wines, beers, liqueurs and spirits - or choose from our Award-winning coffee, high class teas, juices, soft drink or mineral waters. Please do read Our Commitment to our Guests (below) - to better understand the high quality of our food.


Our Commitment to our Guests

All the food we serve is made to authentic Italian Recipes.
It is preferred that the recipes are not changed – as we know what we produce is of a high quality and the ingredient combination has been successfully recreated over years of experience.
Our main sauces, such as Bolognese and Napolitano, are cooked for hours at low heat - just like they have always been done - so as to create a delicious flavour.
What we serve is freshly made each day using high quality ingredients - including free range eggsPasta is made by hand - including spaghetti, tagliatelle, pappardelle, black squid ink taglioliniGnocchi is made by hand – to be soft and melt-in-your-mouth - as per the traditional Northern Italian recipe we use.
Our focus is on using the best ingredients we can find - so as to ensure the end-product is of a high quality and is flavoursome - without the overuse of spices.
We use 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil (certified DOP) in our food.
Our Grana Padano Parmesan (certified DOP) is aged for 24 months and sourced from Italy. It is available to be grated directly ontlo your meals.
We use high quality whole Italian tomatoes - as the flavour intensity is much higher.Bread, a flavoursome sourdough, is made avaiable with your meal.
We only free-range eggs are used in our cooking - and have done so since day one.Quality free-range chicken is used – and it is Halal-certified
Please do let us know if you have food intolerances or special dietary requests / requirements. Gluten free and vegetarian are marked as such throughout the menu. We can also provide for vegans.
Any issues or requests – ask to speak to our manager or call 0430 358 553

GF – Gluten Free / available | V – Vegetarian / available

Bruschetta - $8.00 (V) (GF available)
Toasted sourdough bread topped with 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil ,fresh diced tomato , garlic ,and basil.
Serve 2.

Garlic Bread - $8.00 (V)
Toasted sourdough pannio marinated with butter and garlic.

Arrancini - $9.50 (V)
Home made rasotto rice ball.Two styles - Four Cheese OR Traditional with Bolognese sauce ,mozzarella and peas.

Saute di cozze al pomodoro - $18.00 (GF)
Organically farmed mussels sauted with garlic ,white wine and Napoil sauce.Served with toasted sourdough bread.

Crudo e Bufala - $22.00 (GF available)
San Daniele proscuitto and buffalo mozzarella,with toasted sourdough bread.

GF – Gluten Free / available | V – Vegetarian / available

Margherita – $17.50 (V)
Home made tomato sauce ,mozzarella and fresh basil.

Vegetariana – $19.00 (V)
Home made tomato sauce ,mozzarella ,cherry tomatoes,eggplanr ,capsicum and zucchini.

Diavola – $21.00
Home made tomato sauce ,mazzarella ,spicy salami ,olives ,onions and chilli.

Prosciutto Cotto e Funghi – $22.00
Fresh seasonal mashrooms and Gold meadal winning ham layered on our home style pizza bases topped with our freshly made tomato sauce.

GF – Gluten Free / available | V – Vegetarian / available

Gnocchi Napoli – $22.00
Served with our slow-cooked, home-style Napoli sauce

Gnocchi Sorrentina – $23.00 (V)
House -made Gnocchi,made to melt-in-your-mouth, coocked in a Napoli sauce with Mozzarella cheese and topped with Parmesan cheese.Baked in the oven.

Gnocchi Gamberi con salsa di spinaci e zafferano – $27.00 (V)
A delecious combination hand made gnocchi and prawns in aa sauce of spinache and saffron.

Gnocchi Pesto alla Genovese – $26.00 (V)
Homemade Genovse stylr pesto with basil ,pine nuts,garlic and 24 month aged Parmesan.

Gnocchi Funghi Porcini e Pancetta – $29.00
Italian porcini mushroom and diced guanaciale ,with a touch of cream.

Spaghetti Carbonara – $23.00
Gunanciale ,free range eggs ,ground black peppercorn and Percornio cheese.

Pappardelle alla Bolognese – $22.00
Slow coocked Bolognese sauce-with tomato ,onion,celery,spices and hrbs.

Tagliatelle Napoli – $20.00 (V)
Taditional Italian tomato sauce,slow coocked-just like Mamma used to make.

Tagliatelle con Piselli, Crudo San daniele e Fondue di Grana Padano – $27.00
A flavourful combination of fresh peas,Sun Daniele Proscuitto and melted 24 month old Grana Padano Parmesan cheese

Lasagne Special – $23.00
Ask waiters for description

Marinara con Tagliolini al Nero di Seppia – $37.50
Fresh black hand made Tagliolini made with squid ink ,served with a special selection of fresh seafood and cherry tomatoes,coocked in home-made Napoli sauce.(Also available with extra virgin olive oil and white wine.)

GF – Gluten Free / available | V – Vegetarian / available

Aged eye fillet – $35.00

Tagliata di Pollo – $27.00
Slices of free range Chicken breast ,coocked to perfecton-served with rocquette,cherry tomatoes and silvers of 24 month old Granna Padano cheese.

Caciucco – 39.00 (GF)
An Italian seafood stew -made with a slelection of seafood including fresh organic mussels ,pipis, prawns ,calamari ,Slowly coocked in our home made Napoli sauce and served with sourdough bread.

GF – Gluten Free / available | V – Vegetarian / available

Insalata di Giardino – $12.00 (V)(GF)
Selected salad leaf mix with cherry tomatoes.dressed with a simple aged Balsamic Vinegar and extra Virgin Olive Oil mix.

Cauliflower Gratin – 13.50 (V)(GF)
Cauliflower ,coocked to perfection , enveloped in hoe made Bechmel sauce, then topped with cheese and baked in the oven.

Patatine Fritte / Bowl of Chips – $08.00 (V)(GF)

GF – Gluten Free / available | V – Vegetarian / available

Home-made spaghetti Napoli - $11.50 (V)

Home-made Tagliatelle Bolognese - $11.50

Free Range Chicken Strips And Chips - $14.00

Dolci – $06.00

GF – Gluten Free / available | V – Vegetarian / available

Traditional Tiramisu' al Caffe' – $12.00
Made to authentic Italian recipe with Italian Savoiardi biscuits,Marscapone Cheese ,Marsala,our own Espresso Coffee and free Range Eggs.

Panna Cotta – 9.5
Served with either berry coulis, Belgium chocolate or a shot of espresso coffee
Affogato – $10.00
A delecious vanilla Panna cotta,served as is or with either berry coulis, Belgium chocolate or shote of Espresso coffee.

Affogato – $08.00
Quality vanilla ice cream ,served in a martini glass,with a double shot of espresso .Option of Liqueurs is available-cost as per liquere menu

NV George Lacomb Grande Cuvee Brut – bottle $90.00
Clean, tropical aromas, with a soft and fresh acidity

Casa Gheller DOCG Prosecco Superior Valdobbiadene, Italy - bottle $58.00

Cantine Riondo DOC Prosecco Veneto, Italy – glass $10.00 / bottle 40

HOUSE WHITE, Alexander Hill.– glass $09.50
Fresh light flavor, with a hit of fruity aromas

Castle Forte Pinot Grigio Veneto, Italy – glass $10.00 / bottle $40.00

Lumiere Moscato ,King Valley ,Victoria – glass $9.5 / bottle $38.00

Cape Vine Sauvignon Blanc - glass $9.00 / bottle $36.00

John Luke Chardonnay Yarra Valley, Victoria - glass $9.00 / bottle $38.00

Squies Peak Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough, New Zealand - glass $10.00 / bottle $40.00

Trevelen Farm Estate Riesling Great Southern, Western Australia - glass $10.00 / bottle $40.00

Bellbrae Estate Rose Great Ocean Road, Victoria - glass $10.00 / bottle $40.00

HOUSE RED, Alexander Hill - glass $6.9

Timineri Nero d'Avola Sicily, Italy - glass $10.00 / bottle $40.00

Il Pumo Sangiovese Puglia, Italy - glass $10.00 / bottle $40.00

Castle Forte Valpolicetta Superior Veneto, Italy - glass $12.90 / bottle $58.00

Cape vine Shiraz - glass $9.00 / bottle $36.00

John Luke Pinot Noir - glass $10.00 / bottle $42.00

Hidden Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon - glass $10.00 / bottle $42.00

Lumiere Shiraz - glass $9.50 / bottle $38.00

Vestigo Shiraz - glass $9.50 / bottle $38.00

Vestigo Montepulciano - bottle $45.00

Sarotto Barbera d'Asti Superior - bottle $45.00

Alessa Grace Merlot - bottle $40.00

Zibibbo TerrAntiqua Casano - glass $7.9

Marsala Casano - glass $7.9

Peroni Red 330 ml - glass $7.9

Peroni Nastro Azzurro 330 ml - glass $7.9

Peroni Leggera 330 ml - glass $7.5

Peroni Gran Riserva - Pura Malto 500 ml - glass $12.9

Peroni Gran Riserva - Rossa 500 ml - glass $12.9

Peroni Gran Riserva - Doppia Malto 500 ml - glass $12.9

Cascade Light 375 ml - glass $7.0

Carlton Draught 375 ml - glass $7.5

Crown Lager 375 ml - glass $7.9

James Squires Golden Ale 345 ml - glass $7.9

Corona 330 ml - glass $7.9

Strongbow Apple Cider - glass $7.2

Heineken - glass $7.9

Basic Spirits (Johnny Walker Red) - bottle $8.0

Basic Spirits (Smirnoff Vodka) - bottle $8.0

Basic Spirits (Molibu Rum) - bottle $8.0

Basic Spirits (Bundoberg Rum) - bottle $8.0

Basic Spirits (St Remy Brandy) - bottle $8.0

Basic Spirits (Tanqueray Gin) - bottle $8.0

Basic Spirits (Jack Daniels Whiskey) - bottle $8.0

Basic Spirits (Jim Bim Bourbon) - bottle $8.0

Basic Spirits (Bacardi Rum) - bottle $8.0

Basic Spirits (12 Ouzo) - bottle $8.0

Premium Spirits (Johnny Walker Black) - bottle $8.5

Premium Spirits (Vecchia Romagna Brandy) - bottle $8.5

Premium Spirits (Grey Goose Vodka) - bottle $8.5

Exclusive Spirits (Courvoisier XO Imperial Cognac) - bottle $12.0

Exclusive Spirits (Paul Giraud Grande Champange Cognac) - bottle $12.0

Exclusive Spirits (Bas-Armagnac DeLord XO) - bottle $12.0

Grappa (Mazzetti Grappa Nebbiolo di Barolo) - bottle $9.5

Grappa (Piave Selezione Cuore) - bottle $9.5

Liquore Ammazzacaffe (Fernet Branca) - bottle $6

Liquore Ammazzacaffe (Amaro Averna ) - bottle $7

Liquore Ammazzacaffe (Armeretto Di Saronno) - bottle $7.5

Liquore Ammazzacaffe (Amerao di Caffo) - bottle $7

Liquore Ammazzacaffe (Ramazzotti) - bottle $6.5

Liquore Ammazzacaffe (Sambuca Molinari) - bottle $6

Liquore Ammazzacaffe (Black Sambuca) - bottle $6

Liquore Ammazzacaffe (Frangelico) - bottle $6

Liquore Ammazzacaffe (Limoncello) - bottle $6

Liquore Ammazzacaffe (Liquore Strega) - bottle $7

Liquore Ammazzacaffe (Galliano Vanilla) - bottle $6

Liquore Ammazzacaffe (Kirsberry Cherry Liqueur) - bottle $7

Liquore Ammazzacaffe (Tia Maria) - bottle $7

Liquore Ammazzacaffe (Kahlua) - bottle $7

Liquore Ammazzacaffe (Bailleys) - bottle $7

Aperol Spirtz $9.8

Americano $13.00

Negroni $15.0

Garibaldi $11.0

Vacanze Romane $15.5

Sole Luna $16.0

The Godfather $16.0

Espresso Martini $14.0

Soft Drinks Coke / Diet Coke $3.8

Soft Drinks Lemon Squash $3.00

Soft Drinks Lemonade $3.8

Soft Drinks Dry Ginger-ale $3.8

Soft Drinks Soda Water /Tonic Water $3.8

Lemon Lime & Bitters $5.5

San Pellegrino Soft Drinks $4.2

Iced Chocolate $7.0

Iced Coffee $4.6

Apple juice $4.6

Hot Drinks Epresso $3.2

Hot Drinks Milk /Black Coffee $3.8

Hot Drinks Affogato $6.8

Hot Drinks Hot Chocolate $5.2

Hot Drinks Babyccino $1.5

Babyccino Teas $4.5